History of Food in Italy, Cool

From USA Today: Pizza and pasta may be the ubiquitous face of Italian cuisine, but the country’s culinary history is much more diverse, and is reflected in the great variety of its regional cuisines. Some dishes and ingredients have their roots in Italy’s ancient Etruscan and Roman civilizations, while others were brought from distant shores […]

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The World’s Best Food Wines

From the Wall Street Journal: The wine world is rife with clichés (wines are “made in the vineyard” or “express a terroir”), but the most persistent cliché is that Italian wines go well with food—perhaps better than any other wines in the world. Is it possible that this is one cliché that might actually be […]

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Whiskey Musings & Happenings Abound

From the New York Times: LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Three years ago, Joe Heron, a pharmaceutical executive turned beverage-industry entrepreneur, moved here from Minneapolis to open a distillery. But unlike the dozens of other would-be whiskey barons setting up shop in Kentucky these days, Mr. Heron and his wife, Lesley, weren’t interested in making bourbon. They […]

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