The DeCosta family would like to thank you for your continued patronage. We are celebrating over a decade of superior service and excellent food. Our family owned restaurant is run by Nuno and Pedro DeCosta, both brothers grew up in the lower Westchester region. They were employed by the previous two owners at the current location (DelGaudio’s and Cafe Pomodoro) and have amassed near twenty-five years of restaurant experience, individually.

Both intrigued with the idea of owning their own business, they were given the opportunity over 15 years ago to take over the established Italian restaurant, previously known as Delgaudio’s. Through many years of hard work and dedication we are thankful to have a successful business. A large contribution to our success is the hardworking kitchen staff, led by the DeCosta’s brother in law, Arnold Portillo. Nuno and or Pedro are always on-site and are often seen servicing customers to ensure that all of their customers have an enjoyable dining experience.

Both avid fishermen, the brothers often handpick the fish at the market for the daily specials and frequently deliver fresh catch “straight off the boat”!! Ask them, they’ll tell you about their fishing battles, stories of sharks, tuna, and the open seas. You’ll occasionally see other DeCosta family members showing their faces to help support the family business. Nuno’s wife, Karen helps out on the dining floor, Pedro’s wife Sonia plays an integral role behind the scenes, Sufia, their sister helps bake the homemade desserts and can provide favors/treats upon request and the “head” of the family, Silverio is often assisting doing daily errands for the brothers. Please look out for the next generation of the DeCosta’s family, Tyler, Siena and Ryan, Cristian often seen visiting their fathers at work with their cousin Adrianna. Soon, they too, will be taking orders.

Our restaurant offers a private party room, homemade pastas and desserts, full bar, and much, much more! If our family can do anything to make your dining experience more pleasurable one please let us know. We appreciate everyone that dines in our restaurant. Again, thank those of you for all of your support through all these years.